Monitoring Services

At B3 MTE, our Monitoring services offer comprehensive oversight of foundation elements to ensure their performance and structural integrity. Whether it’s Auger Cast Piling, Helical Piling, or Pin Piling, our monitoring services provide real-time data on the behavior and stability of these foundation systems. With our expertise and attention to detail, we help identify and address any potential issues promptly, ensuring the long-term success and safety of your structures.

Auger Cast Piling

Our Auger Cast Piling service involves the installation of deep foundation elements to provide structural support and stability. By utilizing specialized equipment, we drill vertically into the ground and fill the borehole with high-strength grout or concrete. This process creates sturdy piling that can bear heavy loads and ensures the integrity of your structures. Through monitoring, we assess the behavior and performance of auger cast piles to ensure their continued effectiveness.

Helical Piling

We offer Helical Piling as a reliable and efficient foundation solution. This technique involves screwing helical-shaped piles into the ground to provide stability and load-bearing capacity. Helical piles are particularly suitable for sites with challenging soil conditions. Our monitoring services track the performance of helical piles, detecting any movement or settlement and allowing for timely interventions to maintain structural integrity.

Pin Piling

Pin Piling is a versatile technique used for various applications, including shoring and stabilization of slopes, retaining walls, and foundation support. We install steel pins or piles vertically into the ground to provide lateral support and prevent soil movement. Our monitoring services closely monitor the behavior of pin piles, ensuring their effectiveness in maintaining stability and mitigating risks associated with soil erosion or slope instability.

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