Inspection Services

With B3 MTE’s Inspection services, you can rely on our knowledgeable inspectors to assess the quality, compliance, and safety of various construction elements. We ensure that your project meets regulatory standards and industry best practices, minimizing risks and ensuring the successful completion of your construction endeavors.

Soil Compaction

Our Special Inspector for Soil Compaction service ensures that proper compaction methods are employed during construction. By conducting inspections and tests, we verify that the soil meets the required density and moisture content specifications. This inspection helps prevent settling and ensures the stability and longevity of structures.


Our Special Inspector for Piling service focuses on verifying the installation and integrity of foundation piles. Through inspections and tests, we ensure that the piling materials, dimensions, and installation methods adhere to project specifications. This inspection is crucial for maintaining the load-bearing capacity and stability of deep foundation systems.

Reinforced Masonry

Our Special Inspector for Reinforced Masonry service ensures the quality and compliance of reinforced masonry structures. We inspect the installation of reinforcement bars, mortar, and masonry units, as well as conduct tests to assess the strength and integrity of the masonry elements. This inspection helps guarantee the safety and durability of masonry constructions.

Trusses > 35′ Long or 6′ High

Our Special Inspector for Trusses service focuses on inspecting large trusses exceeding 35 feet in length or 6 feet in height. We assess the fabrication, installation, and connections of truss systems to ensure compliance with design specifications and industry standards. This inspection is crucial for the structural stability and safety of buildings utilizing large trusses.

Precast Units and Attachments

Our Special Inspector for Precast Units and Attachments service verifies the quality and installation of precast concrete elements. We inspect the manufacturing process, lifting and placement methods, and connections to ensure the integrity and compliance of precast units with design requirements. This inspection ensures the reliability and performance of precast concrete constructions.


Our Special Inspector for Others service covers a wide range of additional inspection needs specific to your project requirements. From niche inspections to customized inspections for unique building elements, we provide specialized inspection services tailored to your project's needs. Our experienced inspectors have the expertise to address various inspection challenges, ensuring compliance and quality assurance.

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