Company Vision


Our Company has developed professional associations with a number of professional engineering societies in the built environment with different disciplines and complimentary experiences to form relationships that allow B3 Material Testing Engineering, LLC. to provide a Comprehensive Professional Services. Our range of services include all types of geotechnical engineering services for mid to high rise buildings, private homes, schools and roads.


We strive to be the leader in testing and geotechnical service, providing sustainable and appropriate technical solutions. Our focus and desire is to provide the best service to our customers by offering superior quality in all aspects of the work experience.


The company is an equal opportunity employer, committed to the development of historically disadvantaged persons to the highest level, in term of professional training and equity in the enterprise.

The company long term objective is to grow into a well-managed, resourceful consulting engineering entity, offering all services within the built environment. However, it is in the intention of the member to hand pick only the best available resources to provide excellent services to our clients. Without our customers there is no business. Thus, our objective is to thoroughly satisfy our customers’ requirements regarding meeting the constraints of quality, time and in budget. We regularly and consistently communicate with our clients to ensure that their requirements are being met. We do not believe in “one solution fits all”., On the contrary, we tailor make our services to meet our client’s specific and unique needs.

Furthermore, we believe that our customers, both private and public, always work under severe time constraints to meet deadlines. We are always willing to make serious effort to share this burden with our clients.